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Inex Luxury Coatings

Stop putting up with your dull, dingy floors that don’t reflect the style and sophistication of your home or business! Beautiful floors are just a phone call away with Inex Luxury Coatings!

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Inex Luxury Services

For our products Softcrete and Polyurea Coating

Pool Decks & Patios

Pool Decks & Patios

Our luxury rubber surface coatings are perfect for pool upgrades! Slip resistant, weather resistant, shock absorbent, and able to be installed over existing concrete. This product gives you safety, longevity, ad flexibility for your pool surfacing.



Safety and style comes first in your gym. Our customizable and shock absorbent flooring is the perfect fit for anyone. The soft feeling is a great addition during your high intensity workouts. So be sure to ask us more about how we can customize a flooring style to upgrade your gym.



Balconies see lots wear and tear throughout the year. Luckily our rubber surfacing can be applied to any balconie. This will restore the look and resilience of your balcony to a degree you haven’t seen before.



Surfacing for your garage doesn’t leave you with many options. You need something that can withstand vehicles, tools, projects, and so much more. That’s why ILC makes it an easy decision for those in need. Our product is resilient and customizable, making it perfect for any garage.

Porches & Entrances

Porches & Entrances

First impressions matter. So upgrade your entry way with our stylish, durable, and safe surfacing solution. Your neighbors and visitors are sure to be impressed with a customized surface installed in no time!

Logos & Inlays

Logos & Inlays

Represent your brand or business with logo’s and inlays on your next installation of ILC surfacing. Our experts can fit in whatever you can imagine to add a flare of personality and uniqueness to your next project.

Why Choose Inex Luxury Coatings?

Our floor coatings are the perfect solution for you! We have many different colors and styles to choose from, so any space that needs a new floor and fresh new look can achieve that easily, no matter what your style or taste! Regardless of if you have concrete floors are in the basement, garage, or business. Or if you have other flooring such as wood, tile, or other surfaces, we have the perfect coating to fit your needs and taste.

Inex Luxury Coatings are not only stylish but are highly durable and easy to maintain. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you about your wants and needs in order to select the best coating for your space and provide a flawless installation.

But the benefits of a floor coating from our company don’t stop there. Our coatings are also environmentally friendly and low-VOC, meaning they are safe for you and your family, as well as for the planet.

In addition to adding beauty and value to your space, our floor coatings can also increase the safety of your floors. Our non-slip coatings are perfect for wet or high-traffic areas, helping to prevent slips and falls.

So why wait? Give your floors the makeover they deserve with a floor coating from our company. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see the transformation for yourself!

About Us

Inex Luxury Coatings is a company with a born and raised Alberta team. They have been supplying Southern Alberta with excellent floor coverings and coatings since 2020. We only use top of the line products that are proven to hold up against the harsh environment and freezing temperatures we get in this part of the world. We work closely with the distributors who formulated these products, so we can guarantee every project is being completed with the highest quality materials, and that they have perfect product for their individual needs.



PROBLEM: People have unsightly, cracked, stained or old floors


MISSION: Helping our clients increase functionality &
beauty of their home with the right floor coverings


VISION: To be the top floor coating expert in our industry in the next 5 years

Professionalism Every Step of the Way

Top Quality Products & Workmanship

A Positive Attitude

Punctuality From Day One


Open & Honest Communication

Treat Employees & Customers as Family

Health & Safety our Top Priority

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Why Us?

Because we all know someone or have the experience ourselves of a project that didn’t go according to plan. Whether it’s a Do-It-Yourself Disaster, or a project where nothing went right, it can be absolutely frustrating! This is why you should hire Inex Luxury Coatings for your next floorcovering job. Not only are we the experts in floor coverings, but we do it right from beginning to end, starting with the first phone call, where we ask the questions that matter and don’t leave it there. We then show up in person and visually inspect each project and do our best to make sure that there aren’t any “Surprises” along the way making for future headaches for our customers. We take pride in in our Experience and Education in the industry and truly care about your project like it was our own.

Do you have a project that needs resurfacing? Are you looking to not only change the look of your project but also add a layer of protection to your hard-earned asset making it last for as long as possible? While doing the above also make it safer for you and your loved ones! Are you looking to make your project stands out from the rest and out preforms the rest? We offer the products that do just that!

Here are the top ten reasons why people are switching to Inex Luxury Coatings:


1 – Durable: Epoxy floors are extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. They can withstand heavy traffic and are resistant to stains, scratches, and spills. In fact, epoxy floors are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, which is why they are a perfect choice for garages as well as commercial or industrial settings!

2 – Easy Maintenance & Repair: Epoxy floors are easy to clean and maintain. They do not require waxing, polishing or harsh chemicals to clean. Simply wipe them down with a damp mop or cloth. If your epoxy floor becomes damaged, we can easily repair it without the need to replace the entire floor.

3 – Slip Resistant: Epoxy floors can be made slip-resistant, making them ideal for use in wet or high-traffic areas where slip and fall accidents are a concern.

4 – Aesthetically Pleasing: Epoxy floors can be customized with a wide range of colors and finishes, making them a stylish and attractive choice for any space that will increase the value of a property by improving its appearance and functionality.

5 – Environmentally Friendly: Epoxy floors are low-VOC (volatile organic compound) and do not emit harmful fumes, making them a safer and more environmentally friendly flooring option.

6 – Cost-Effective: Epoxy flooring is often more cost-effective than other types of flooring, especially when you consider its long lifespan and low maintenance requirements.

7 – Speedy Installation: Epoxy flooring can be installed quickly, often in just a few days. This means minimal disruption to your home or business operations.

8 – Customizable with a Seamless Finish: Epoxy floors can be customized with a wide range of colors and finishes, allowing you to create a unique and personalized look for your space, all without a seam that can detract from the beauty.

9 – Hygienic: Epoxy floors are non-porous and do not harbor bacteria or other germs, making them a hygienic choice for food processing plants, hospitals, and any environment where cleanliness is a concern. They are also seamless, which works to prevent dirt and moisture from getting trapped in cracks or crevices, making them easier to clean and maintain than traditional flooring materials.

10 – Versatile: Epoxy floors can be used in a variety of settings, including residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. They can also be used on a wide range of surfaces, including concrete, wood, and metal.


Don’t see the perfect colour? Not to worry, we can create custom colours to find your perfect match!


Cocoa Brown Grey

Mediterranean Beach Sand New

Mediterannean Dark Beach Sand

Beach Sand

Mocha Cream

Siesta Beach

Siesta Key

Santorini Beach Sand

Light Slate

Grey Slate Blue

Key West

Dark Slate


We offer polyurea floor coatings with a granite finish(vinyl flake), metallic or plain floor colors. Once dry, the coating creates a seamless membrane, easy maintenance, slip resistant and extremely resistant to abrasion and impact. We do not use epoxy, we use polyurea only quality. We’re so confident in the product, we provide a 20-year residential warranty on concrete adhesion.


We use Polyurea products for both our base and topcoats which sets us apart from the competition. Most competitors will use epoxy for their base coat which is a more cost-effective product but less dependable.


The following are some of the benefits that you will find through research on both products:

  • Polyurea is resistant to hot tires where epoxy is not and using epoxy could result in delamination or peeling over time.
  • Polyurea is 3-4 times more flexible and impact resistant than epoxy which makes polyurea more resistant to damage from traffic, impact resistance and abrasion. Polyurea will bend slightly and will allow for more of the natural slight movements of concrete in comparison to epoxy. This adaptability of Polyurea also allows it to be an option for outdoor applications.
  • Polyurea is UV stable and epoxy is not, this means that Polyurea will not yellow overtime.
  • Temperature tolerance – Epoxies cannot be installed in colder temperatures as it will stop the curing process. Polyurea can be installed in both low and high temperature conditions without any effect on the installation.
  • Polyurea is resistant to most chemicals and calcium where epoxy is not.
  • Polyurea floors can also be completed in 1 day where epoxy floors cannot as their curing process requires a much longer window.
  • We also provide a 20-year residential warranty on the adhesion of the product for these reasons.

Cost Estimates

  • Floor coating – You can expect $6.00 to $8.00/sq.ft.
  • To coat any perimeter foundation/ footing wall you can expect $8.00/sq.ft (surface area)
  • If you have any cracks to repair, we grind them out, we fill with sand to within ¾” to the top surface then fill the remainder with polyurea crack filler to grind flat @ $2.00 /Lineal foot.
  • If you have expansion joints, then we fill them with an expandable polyurethane caulking color matched to the floor color and coat over it. Allows for full movement @ $3.00 /Lineal foot.
  • If you have any spalling or pitting to repair, we will have to review. Most minor aberrations come out when we grind the slab for our regular prep so no cost impact. If we need to patch the cost varies depending on severity.
  • To coat wood steps, you can expect 2 steps for $200, 3 steps & small landing for $350, 5 steps & bigger landing for $550.


Don’t see the perfect colour? Not to worry, we can create custom colours to find your perfect match!

Saddle Tan




















Client Testimonials

“These guys worked so hard on our garage floor! Highly recommend them!”

Lilianne Smith

“Matt and the boys did a fine job with my garage floor. I had them come in and do my laundry room as well. MAtt is reliable, easy to communicate with and I enjoyed watching theprocess happen. Would definitly recommend if you want a no maintenance floor.”

Dale Boychuk

“A good job Matt, that looks awesome. Southern AB look at what this guy can do for you. Call Matt ay Inex Luxury Coatings, and he’ll take care of you.”

PurEpoxy Alberta Floor Systems

“Seriously impressive work these guys do. Great personalities too. Enjoyed meeting you and the whole experience. Cheers to you!”


“Highly recommend it. Matt and his team did an awesome job on my garage floor. Thanks again Matt.”

Guy Winter

“Great work by Matt and crew, our garage floor turned out better than expected, easy to clean and shows well!”

Judy Knapik